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at we have today," he said.Noti▓ng that the two sides signed a series of agreements covering fields like ban▓king, energy, agriculture and tourism, Vernicos said "all these mark a promising future for robust and glorious cooperation.""We have every reason to be optimistic,▓" he said. "The closer this cooperation becomes, the better it benefits the two people▓s."Loukas Tsoukalis, president of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Po

  • t, China-Greece relations have embarked on a new journey toward a more promising future on the "t?/li>
  • 坵o wheels" of practical cooperation and inter-civilizational dialogue,
  • said Greek obse▓rvers.George Vernicos, president of the Economic

licy, acknowl▓edged that China and Greece "are countries that are separated by distance, very different in size and have had very different political and economic trajectories in recent history.""Yet▓ our relations are excellent and take the form of a close exchange of goods, services, people, capital and culture," he said.Speaking of specific cooperation areas, Trigkas, the Tsinghua researcher, sai

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